Areas of Practice


From adolescents to seniors and anywhere in between, I really enjoy working with women. Navigating issues of body image, sexuality, work/life balance, fertility, motherhood, relationships, and many others can be difficult to do on your own. You are not alone! I will partner with you in creating the life you desire for yourself.

Spiritual Wellness

However you define your spirituality, I believe it is an integral part of holistic wellbeing. Whether you are part of a traditional faith community, or find your spirituality on a nontraditional path, your spiritual life is welcome in the therapy room. With my master’s degree in divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, I am able to blend my passion for spiritual wellness into my clinical work.

Additionally, many clients come to therapy seeking healing from negative experiences in faith communities. I am deeply interested in helping individuals find peace from these past experiences and reclaim a new relationship to their spirituality that brings joy and new life.

Maternal and Infant Mental Health

When I tell people I am trained in infant mental health, I usually get wisecrack about newborns sitting on a couch and talking about their feelings. In reality, infant mental health is about working with babies and caregivers together to ensure a healthy start in life for the infant and a healthy transition to parenthood for the caregiver. It encompasses pregnancy and postpartum mood or health concerns for moms, issues of eating, sleeping and crying in infants, regulatory troubles, goodness of fit between babies and caregivers, relationship concerns that arise due to developmental or health issues, and anything else that may impact the relationship between caregiver and baby. And infant mental health includes pregnancy through age 5, so toddlers count too! If you are a new parent who is struggling, either with your own emotional wellbeing or with coping with a challenging baby or toddler, I can help.

Gender, Sexuality and Body Image

Learning to love and accept our gender and sexual identity and the amazing bodies that we walk around in is not always an easy or straightforward path. The media, our cultural norms and many of the faith communities in our society send us messages that make it even harder to find peace with who we are created to be. I work to make the counseling space a safe and nurturing place to explore issues of identity and I will be a conversation partner as you find your way to a centered and joyful sense of self.